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Belize ShrimpOne of the great things about being on Ambergris Caye and in Belize in general, is that when it comes to eating there are a variety of options to choose from that meet any price range from a $2 taco to a delicious extravagant meal and everything in between. Since I live on the island I am primarily focusing on places to eat here.

Must-Try Local Foods

While on vacation many people like to eat like the locals do. That means rice & beans, stewed chicken with coleslaw on the side which is one of the main dishes of the country. You won’t go wrong with practically any place that serves it and is pretty much ready from about 11:30am.

Breakfast: meat pies, beans with eggs, cheese & flour tortillas, burritos, tacos and stuffed fry jacks.

Lunch: rice & beans with any meat selection, varying from chicken, pork, fish, lobster, beef, shrimp or conch whether it’s stewed, baked, fried or grilled.

Dinner: famous pupusas, tostadas, garnarches. Dinner menus also include BBQ, (usually chicken or ribs) soups, and of course rice & beans falls under this category too.

As for drinks, being in a sub-tropical climate means there is a wide variety of fruits to choose from such as orange, lime, watermelon, cantaloupe, and banana to name a few. Just ask what’s in season fruit wise while you are here, something always is.

Belize foodWell Know Local Food Restaurants in San Pedro Belize

  • Antojitos – Great local for those staying south of town.
  • Boogy’s Belly – Well known low cost breakfast place in town.
  • Briana’s Deli – Authentic Belizean dinners.
  • Caliente’s – Who would not want Mexican food on the beach.
  • El Fogon – If you are feeling adventurous try their stewed pig tail and don’t forget key lime pie for dessert.
  • Elvi’s Kitchen – Also well know local eatery. Try their Friday night Mayan Buffet.
  • Estel’s – Known as hot breakfast spot and can’t beat the view or Charles weekend barbecue.
  • Lily’s Treasure Chest – Breakfast and lunch with great people watching on the Caribbean sea.
  • Robin’s Kitchen – John, well known for his Jerk Chicken and is doing Thurs night at Stella’s Smile 4:00 – 9:00
  • Ruby’s great take out Johnny cakes go early for bacon and egg ones, has tables overlooking the beach at the hotel.
  • Waruguma – Outstanding pupusas and known for their giant burritos. They also make a great lobster burger.
  • For a true local experience, street food in the park at night is a must. Try Albertina’s shrimp tacos.

A few regular favorites

If you are hankering for good old fashioned wings try Lola’s pub (their sesame sriracha wings are so yummy) or Crazy Canucks. If you like thick crust pizza go for Pepperonis, if you like it thin crust then Pedro’s is the place. Sun Up Chinese food south of town across from Super Buy grocery store makes great chicken fingers and fries – very handy kid friendly option.Belize lobster They also make a great shrimp burger. El Divino at Banana Beach Resort is known for it’s big burgers.

Healthy Eating Options

Some of the best restaurants in San Pedro offer healthy options for people with special dietary needs. is the big winner on gluten free dining on the island. They have 14 items on their menu including some desserts. and also have a few gluten free options on their menus. The 3 places above are favorites of mine.

Caroline’s Kitchen across from Tropic Air will also work with people who have sever food allergies. For more information on gluten free in Belize click through to my .

Belize food Belize lobster season Belize conch Belize Conch
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