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Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

Kite Surfing in Belize

Our location on Long Caye is one of the best kiteboarding locations in Belize.

There are two options for kiteboarding at our island:

1-If you are experienced, bring your own kites, harnesses, and assorted gear, and you can use our boards as part of your all-inclusive package. The boards are included as part of the package, but no other gear is available to rent.

2-If you are a beginner, or don't own your own gear, your first lesson with a trainer kite is included as part of your all-inclusive package. To continue with more advanced kitesurfing lessons you will then use our Belize kitesurf school. All kiteboarding gear is included with lessons. Advanced kitesurfing lessons are available December - March only.

Experienced kiteboarders only need to bring sails and harnesses

By having a full selection of twin tip and directional boards available, kiters will only have to bring their kites and harnesses to avoid the hassle of traveling with boards.

Slickrock does not provide kites or other kitesurfing gear except for school use.

We recommend kiteboarders bring two sizes of kites, a 14-16m and a 9-12m to cover the average conditions found on the island.

Surf (directional) by Cabrinha:
2010 5’ 7” S-Quad
2010 6’ 3” Thruster

Belize kitesurf gearTwin tips, by Cabrinha:
2010 130x40, Caliber
2011 136, 144 Prodigy
2012 135, 145 Rival
2014 165 Spectrum
2016 141 Tronic

Twin tips, by Open Ocean:
2014 140 Mako

Kitesurfing Conditions

Our island is situated on the reef separating the open sea from the calm water lagoon of the atoll, allowing kiteboarders opportunities to enjoy both easy and rough water conditions.

We have an excellent beach launch site into the lagoon with plenty of space free from obstacles. In addition, our surf break is very kite friendly and immediately accessible off the front point of the island, and it normally sees a cross break wind that is perfect for setting up jumps. The open sea provides unlimited reaches in large swells, while the lagoon is perfect for high speed, smooth water runs. Although the lagoon has many patch reef obstacles, there is plenty of room to avoid them and we commonly run out on 3 mile reaches.

Wave kiting

Although Long Caye has an excellent surf break that is ideal for paddleboards and surf kayaks, it is not usually optimal for wind sports. Both windsurfers and kitesurfers like a ‘side shore’ wind direction to surf waves, which is when the wind blows parallel, or nearly so, to the wave break. This allows wind powered boards to power up across the break, which is the direction a board naturally takes on a wave while surfing. Long Caye’s wave, however, usually experiences an onshore wind, blowing in the same direction as the wave break, or an off shore wind, which blows against the break. Either of these directions do not present favorable conditions for wind powered surfing.

Kiteboarding Belize - Glover's ReefThe island commonly sees wind in the 10 -15 mph range (80% of the time), and 20 mph winds or better are seen about 30% of the time. A 12 meter kite is probably one’s best bet for an all-round kite size for the island, although it is always nice to have a 9 meter kite option in case it is a high wind week (after March 1, bring a 14 meter instead of a 9 meter.) Unlike other more accessible islands in Belize (Ambergris, Caye Caulker) there is very little boat traffic. And don't forget, the water is 80 degrees!

What about beginners?

Beginner lessons on basic kite technique are provided as part of Slickrock’s program, using our small trainer kites near the beach. Basic kite control is taught along with introductory skills such as wind awareness and equipment familiarization. We have an easily accessible shoal off one point of the island where we fly our trainer kite, which employs the new SLE design, allowing the kite to be de-powered and more precisely controlled. Guests can learn basic kite flying skills such as water launches, directional control, loops, and power strokes.

We access our sand flates via motor boat to nearby sand flats where there is no coral, nor any other obstructions, and there students can begin to learn the real fundamentals of kitesurfing with larger, more powerful kites under the care of our certified kite instructor.

Our teaching location is unique and guarantees a fast learning curve. Our incredibe sand flats allow for uninterrupted practice, typically 2 miles downwind. This allows for continous skills development throughout the lesson. In other locations a considerable amount of any lesson is spent making your way up wind or returing back upwind inbetween body dragging. This is simply not necessary at Glover's which allows for accelerated learning and quick progression through skills. Lesson progress is tailored to the individuals and low ratio instructor : student lessons allow students to progress at a speed with which are comfortable and confident.

Our kitesurf school raft, heading out for a 2-person lesson

Techniques such as kite control with one hand, body drags, and self rescues eventually lead to learning how to get up on a board and reach upwind. Kite lessons are conducted with a maximum of two students per session, and last approximately three hours. Pre-booking lessons, although not required, will ensure you get a spot and priority for lesson slots, which can fill up during larger trips.

Even if you don’t think this sport would be something you might pursue, our trainer kite and location provide an excellent opportunity to try it out. This initial trainer kite session is free.

With our set up anyone can now experience the thrill of feeling the power of the new high tech kites that have made this the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Kiteboarding off Long Caye,  in Belize. Belize wind graph - Glover's Reef Belize kiteboard trainer kite Belize kitesurf lesson
Kiteboarding Lessons Belize - Location "Miami Beach" Belize
Kiteboarding Lessons Belize - Location "Miami Beach" Belize
12 28 2015 kiteboard belize
12 28 2015 kiteboard belize
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