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Traveling to Belize

  • American Airlines 223.2522
  • Continental Airlines 227.8309
  • TACA 227.7363
  • U.S. Airways 800.622.1015
  • Delta Air Lines 225.2010

Belize Local Carriers & Charters

Carl Bee Air Service
Municipal Airstrip 223-3542/224-4253

Javier's Flying Service, Ltd.
Municipal Airstrip 223-1029/223-5360

Maya Island Air
International Airport 225-2336
Municipal Airstrip 223-1140
Caye Caulker 226-0012
Corozal 422-2874
Dangriga 522-2659
Placencia 523-3475
Punta Gorda 722-2856
San Pedro 226-2945

Tropic Air
International Airport 225-2302
Municipal Airstrip 224-5671/224-5720
Caye Caulker 226-0040
Corozal 722-2725
Dangriga 522-2129
Placencia 523-3410
Punta Gorda 722-2008
San Pedro 226-2012

Belize Airport Departure Tax

Currently there is an airport departure tax of $15USD required plus a $1.25USD security tax plus a Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) fee of $3.75 USD, which is used to promote, enhance and conserve Belize's protected areas.

Belize Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Medical care is available at hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Each district is listed below:

Belize City:
Karl Heusner Memorial 223-1548
Belize Medical Assoc. (Private) 223-0303
Corozal Hospital 422-2076
Dangriga Hospital 522-2078
Cayo, La Loma Luz Hospital 824-2087
Orange Walk Hospital 322-2072
Punta Gorda Hospital 722-2026
San Ignacio Hospital 824-2066

Belize Languages

English is the official language and is widely spoken, as is Spanish. Maya, Garifuna and Creole are also spoken.

Belize Population

The population of Belize is approximately 360, 899 comprising Creoles (African-European), Garinagus (Black Caribs), Mestizos (Spanish-Indian), Maya and Europeans.

Belize Taxes

There is a 9% government/hotel tax. A general sales tax of 12.5% has been implemented and is applicable to goods and services.

Belize Time Zone

Central Standard Time. Belize does not observe daylight-saving time.


Tipping is voluntary. Usually 10% is acceptable with 15% for exceptional service. In some cases a gratuity may be added to your check. This practice varies with each establishment. Be sure to ask before paying the bill.

Belize Topography

Belize is an area of only 8, 867 square miles. It is situated on the East Coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea. Mexico borders Belize to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. It possesses the second-largest barrier reef in the world (185 miles long).

Water in Belize

Drinking water is potable.

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Belize Climate

The climate is subtropical, with a brisk prevailing wind from the Caribbean Sea. The annual temperature averages about 80 degrees F. The rainy season is between June and August.

What to Wear in Belize

Light, informal clothing is recommended, except for jungle excursions where the thick forest growth and insects should be taken into account. A sweater or jacket for cool inland mornings and evenings is advisable.

Currency Exchange in Belize

Local currency is the Belize Dollar, or BZ. One U.S. dollar is worth $2BZD.

Entry Requirements in Belize

Visitors to Belize are required to be in possession of valid passports and return/onward tickets. Visas are not required for citizens of the U.S., European Union, Commonwealth or Caricom nations, Mexico, Austria and Costa Rica. Visas are required for all other nationalities and can be obtained from any Belizean Embassy, consulate or British Embassy. For specific information please contact the Immigration and Nationality Department.

Anyone traveling with an infant must provide proper documentation for the child including a valid passport. In the event a passport is not available, an exception may be made with an original copy of the child's birth certificate, and a visitor's permit may be issued for a fee of $25 USD.

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