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Wildly civilized sums up the philosophy of our award winning Belize Eco Lodge, located in the heart of Maya civilization.

Since Chaa Creek’s inception in 1981, owners Mick and Lucy Fleming strove to coexist with nature while creating a true jungle experience and the result is an exquisite blend of natural beauty and man-made comforts.

We are proud that Chaa Creek continues to win recognition as one of the Caribbean region’s best examples of sustainable, Green tourism.

Set along the banks of the Macal River and reaching towards the foothills of the Maya Mountains, Chaa Creek has provided unique adventure travel experiences for thousands of visitors looking for an in-depth yet civilized Belizean vacation, with a focus on Belize’s ecology and natural history as well as a vibrant, varied culture that includes the rich Maya civilization and impressive archaeological sites.

As we grew, so did our appreciation and respect for Belize’s diverse ecology and rich culture.

In addition to sharing our homestead, we always endeavored to share our love for what makes Belize so special, and the need to protect this vibrant yet fragile ecosystem.

Sensitive construction and creative recycling have always been a part of our development, and, with the help of our guests’ suggestions and ideas, we are continually minimizing our impact on the environment.

We’re proud of having been recognized by Conde Nast Magazine, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Top Ten International Eco-Escapes: Trip Advisor, and World's Top Hotels & Resorts: Zagat Survey and many others for our contributions towards sustainable ecotourism in Belize while providing rainforest vacations that are as educational as they are enjoyable.

It is no wonder that we have been rated by Caribbean Travel & Life Readers’ Poll as the BEST ECO RESORT & HOTEL in the Caribbean for four years running.

Our close relationships with premier Belizean reef and island resorts at Ambergris Caye, Placencia and other Caribbean vacation spots allows us to offer the very best, fully inclusive and hassle-free Belize beach and rainforest vacation packages.

For anyone looking for expeditions that are physically and intellectually stimulating, as well as affordable all inclusive family vacations, Belizean wedding, honeymoon or Maya adventure vacation packages, or visitors who just wish to relax in comfort while experiencing one of the world’s most vibrant rainforest environments, The Lodge at Chaa Creek continually strives to show our guests what makes Belize truly special.

Our numerous awards and many repeat visitors tell us we must be doing something right, but please come see for yourself – it’s Belize at its wildly civilized best.

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