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Direct flights to Belize City

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Belize is located in the Northern Hemisphere, within Central America. Belize is bounded on the North by Mexico, South and West by Guatemala, and the beautiful Caribbean Sea washes its 174 mile coastline to the East. Geographically we're located between 15° 52' 9" and 18° 29' 55" North Latitude, and 87° 28" and 89° 13' 67" West Longitude with an area of 8, 866 sq. miles including 266 sq. miles of islands. Belize is about the size of Massachusetts in the USA and the size of Belgium in Europe.

Most visitors travel to Belize by air, but you can also get here by road or boat.

By air

There are direct flights from the US to Belize from Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York and Los Angeles. The major airlines servicing Belize are:

Delta Air Lines

Domestic airlines

Two airlines provide several daily scheduled flights to major destinations within the borders of Belize.

By road

Roads in Belize can be challenging. You will need a sturdy car and a strong heart to drive into Belize through Mexico. The trip is about 1350 miles. When you arrive at the border, you will need to purchase Belizean insurance with Belizean dollars.

Bus travel to Belize is fast, comfortable and relatively inexpensive. Depart from the US border city of your choice to Mexico City and then onto Chetumal, at the northern border of Belize. All-weather highways connect Mexico City with Chetumal. From Guatemala, there are several bus companies that connect Guatemala City with Flores, Peten and then to Melchor, at the Western border of Guatemala and Belize.

There are regularly scheduled buses to Belize from the neighboring towns of Chetumal, Mexico and Melchor, Guatemala. These buses depart approximately every half-hour to an hour to Belize.

By boat

Small, regularly scheduled ferry service travels between Punta Gorda in the southern district of Toledo, and Puerto Barrios in Eastern Guatemala.

Maritime ports of entry are Belize City, Corozal, Dangriga, San Pedro and Punta Gorda. You are required to report your entry to the police or immigration authorities as soon as possible after entering Belizean territory.

British subjects and citizens of Commonwealth countries, citizens of the USA and citizens of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Holland, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay who have a valid passport and an onward or return ticket from Belize do not need to obtain a visa.

By Air

Philip Goldson International Airport Departure Fees: US .00 Payable ONLY in US currency. All fees apply to Non-Belizean Citizens and Non-Belizean Permanent Residents.

By Land

Santa Elena: Northern border with Mexico Benque Viejo del Carmen: Western adjacency zone with Guatemala Total Border Departure Fees: US $18.75 or BZ $37.50 Payable in US or Belize currency. All fees apply to Non-Belizean citizens Exemptions: Children under 12; Permanent Residents of Belize; visitors from border towns for first 24 hours.

By Sea

By boat from Punta Gorda, Dangriga or San Pedro Total Sea Departure Fees: US $3.75 or BZ $7.50 Payable in US or Belize currency.

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pre-flight instructions Belize City to Dangriga flight
pre-flight instructions Belize City to Dangriga flight
gopro flight belize city to Dangriga
gopro flight belize city to Dangriga
Dangriga to Belize City Flight
Dangriga to Belize City Flight
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