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Belize shuttles and transfers with Roam Belize- How to get from Belize City to Hopkins VillageGetting to Hopkins Village, Belize

Hopkins Village

One of the most beautiful places in the tropical paradise of Belize is the tiny fishing village of Hopkins. Located eight miles south of Dangriga, just a short distance from the panoramic Southern Highway, the village is a picturesque location and an ideal birding destination. In and around Hopkins Village, it is possible to spot the majestic Jabiru Stork, as well as hundreds of other beautiful birds that inhabit the nearby marshes.

Hopkins Village is the home to approximately 1, 000 fishing and farming families belonging to the indigenous Garifuna people. As the locals say, “Time moves like a turtle” in Hopkins Village, as the man spend their days fishing or carving out dugout canoes, while the women join together in groups to sing and weave baskets.

Getting to Hopkins Village from Belize City or Belize International Airport

By Car

By car from Belize City, the journey is 52 miles to Belmopan following the Western Highway. After passing the large monument in central Belmopan, look for mile marker 56. Turn right on the Southern Highway, and continue for about 15 minutes until you see the exit for Hopkins Village. Turn left, and follow the road for four miles until you arrive at the central crossroad in Hopkins Village. The entire trip from Belize City to Hopkins will take approximately five hours.

By Bus

Several buses connect Belize City daily to Dangriga, with a travel time of about three hours. In Dangriga, you’ll have to change buses. One bus leaves Dangriga for Hopkins at 12:00 pm and a second bus leaves Dangriga for Hopkins at 5:00 pm.

By Shuttle

Although it takes approximately five hours to travel from Belize City International Airport to Hopkins, it is a journey through one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas of the country, with plenty of amazing wildlife and tropical panoramas to behold. ROAM BELIZE offers a convenient shuttle service, picking you up directly at the airport and transporting you in comfort and style to your destination in Hopkins Village.

With a fleet of modern vehicles operated by professional drivers, the ROAM BELIZE shuttle is the best way to enjoy your visit to the country, relaxing and drinking in the amazing sights on your journey to Hopkins Village. For more information, and to inquire about rates and schedules, do not hesitate to contact ROAM BELIZE.

What to Do in Hopkins Village

Encompassing a stretch of sandy paradise about five miles long, it is easy to stroll around on foot or explore on bicycle. With the ocean just a short distance away, the village is perfect for a relaxing getaway. The many activities in and around the village include:

  • Relax – Bask on the sandy beaches, or take your time enjoying the slow pace of life in the village.
  • Visit Local Craftsmen – Centuries-old traditional skills are still on display here, and local artisans are more than happy to share their rich traditions with visitors.
  • Snorkeling and Diving – The crystal clear waters of the nearby Caribbean Sea are a perfect environment to enjoy the abundance of colorful tropical marine life.
  • Sailing and Fishing – Few activities are as enjoyable as sailing on the sapphire waters of the Caribbean, or angling for some of the best game fish found anywhere on the planet.
  • Windsurfing and Kayaking – For more active visitors, the steady winds and placid seas make for excellent opportunities to enjoy windsurfing or sea kayaking.
  • Hiking – Local guides are more than happy to lead treks through the bio-diverse natural areas surrounding the village.
  • Birdwatching – The fabled Jabiru Stork and hundreds of other tropical species can be seen in the marshy landscape surrounding the village.
  • Lebeha Drumming Center – Every weekend, the village throbs with the rhythmic vibrations of a traditional Garifuna drum ceremony.

Garifuna Settlement Day

Every year on November 19, the village celebrates its Garifuna heritage with a colorful celebration. Belizeans from around the country, and visitors from around the world, flock to Hopkins to celebrate the arrival of the Garifuna people to Belize in 1832.

Belize Travel - Hopkins Village - Garifuna Town
Belize Travel - Hopkins Village - Garifuna Town
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